General guidelines & information

The purpose of these guidelines is to help you as a dealer to get started and sell your watches faster. If you have any questions and / or concerns, just contact us and we will assist you throughout the entire process.
Guidelines for uploading a watch.
Below is a short process map describing your information step by step. Follow these steps to upload an ad:
  1. Start with entering the reference number.
  2. Select the watch that fits your reference number in the drop-down list and Click the next button in the right corner.
  3. Make sure that the auto-filled information is correct and then enter all the General information about the watch and Click the next button in the right corner.
  4. Enter all the Watch details 1 of 2” about the watch and then Click the next button in the right corner.
  5. Enter the condition about the watch. Make sure that the information are correct and accurate then Click the next button in the right corner.
  6. Upload pictures and set price in Euro.
Guidelines for uploading pictures
When you upload pictures on it’s importent that the pictures should be:
  1. Unique and the pictures may not appear on other forums so we can offer customers unique content.
  2. White background on all pictures
  3. Please follow the template how to deliver the pictures otherwise a minimum of 6 pictures.
  4. The file format shall be .PNG or .JPGE
Keep in mind that the watches that you advertise on, you shall have in stock and be able to deliver within 24 hours.
Sending the Watch
  1. When you send the watch you will provide with a valid Tracking ID so we can track the package.
  2. Your shipped packages are insured and you are responsible for the delivery to
Keep in mind that you as a dealer guarantee that the condition, usage, defects, damage and/or other important information about the watch is clear and accurate and as advertised.
Keep in mind that you as a dealer guarantee the authenticity of the watch and that the object is not the subject of an insurance case and/or that the watch is not stolen.
Warranty and Guarantees
You leave at least 6 months functional warranty at the watches we sell. Functional guarantee refers to errors in the actual clockwork. Damage and/or water damage are not your responsibility.
You accept 14 days right of withdrawal in accordance with European standard for companies. If a customer wishes to undo an order, return costs are paid by